Mailman Tips

Disable Reminder Spam

The Mailman mailing list manager is a popular choice to manage mailing lists with.

Disable Reminder Spam

The default configuration sends useless monthly reminders, filling mailboxes on Mailman day (around the first of the month, depending on the time zone of the sending server). While the notification setting can be turned off on a per list or entire mailman server, this action must be manually repeated for each new Mailman list encountered. Hopefully the Mailman developers will disable the monthly reminder, as “no news is good news”: The UNIX Philosophy.

mailman-util (plus the required perl modules) should automate disabling the reminder. Simply pipe the notification message to mailman-util:

$ mailman-util notify disable < notification-spam-message.txt

If using procmail to filter incoming e-mail, mailman-util can be used as an incoming mail filter:

:0 fbw
* ^Subject:.+mailing list memberships reminder
* ^From:.+mailman
|mailman-util notify disable

Note: older versions of Mailman (2.0.5?) do not allow the notification spam to be disabled. These installs should be taken out and shot. Also, mailman-util does not yet handle multiple logins per Mailman instance. Best to attempt the filter, and then have a mail filter discard the spam.